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Recognizing the fast pace of technology and its constant evolution, the protection of an individual’s online privacy is a true concern in today’s digital economy. Portage Strategies' mission is to enable organizations with the right tools to address the awareness of the changing landscape of online privacy.

Portage Strategies is committed to providing the highest level of integrity as it relates to the accountability organizations are held to in respect of the collection, processing, and retention of information of an individual.

Portage Strategies, with the consulting services of our partner, Newport Thomson, provides expertise for our clients to come into compliance with most worldwide jurisdictions for data protection and privacy compliance such as CASL, Law 25(Quebec's bill 64), GDPR, CCPA, HIPPA, LGPD, and others.

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Excellence in Services

Whether you are a “do it yourself” type or “have it done for you” type, we have a solution for you! With our a la carte options regarding CASL, GDPR, and CCPA compliance, we can conduct a Review with a Gap Report, staff training, or full-on consulting engagements where we do the heavy lifting...

NIST Privacy Framework

Managing cybersecurity risk contributes to managing privacy risk, but is not sufficient, as privacy risks can also arise by means unrelated to cybersecurity incidents, as illustrated...

Risk Management Review

At Newport Thomson we take a First Principle approach to reviewing corporate risk. Reasoning by first principles removes the impurity of...

Trusted Advice

The Canadian Anti Spam Legislation (CASL) is a law designed to give people control over their electronic mail inbox. If you send Commercial Electronic...

DPO Services

General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), the requirement to appoint a DPO is outlined. Many organizations have realized that due to conflict of...

Privacy Review

The first step of any Compliance Program is to determine the current practices of the organization. For CASL, we would need to understand...

Staff Training

Let’s face it – none of your staff want to be trained about the law – CASL, CCPA or GDPR! That would bore most of them to death...


A Privacy Review

List of Data Holdings

We start with understanding the categories of personal information your enterprise collects, uses, stores, shares and deletes.

Explore Current Practices

We seek to understand how you currently operate (use the data). What are the current data management practices?

Produce a Gap Report

We compare your current practices against the obligations of the regulations you are looking to comply with and identify the gaps.

Develop a Project List

Compliance is a continuous process so there will always be a Privacy Project List, prioritized and ready to be worked on in order to close the gaps.


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